Aluminium-Wood Windows and Doors

The aluminium thermal break core of the casement system ensures high thermal insulation performance even in large size windows and doors. The internal side coated in natural wood, chosen from a wide range of possibilities, enhances the living space with the typical positive feelings associated with wood. The AELLE 80 STH system combines the aesthetics of the natural surface with all the qualities of resistance, durability, burglar-proof features and insulation of aluminium window and door frames. Many types of opening are available.

Technical Features:

  • Thermal break series for windows and doors.
  • Glass thickness: 17 to 50 mm
  • Windows series: Frame with 70 mm standard profiles, casement 91 mm with overlap 21 mm “Linea Piana”
  • Frame with 80 mm standard profiles, casement 91 mm with overlap 21 mm “Linea Sagomata”
  • Air-water-wind tightness: central open joint gasket
  • Aluminium aesthetic lines: Piana, Sagomata
  • Wood aesthetic lines: Piana, Sagomata
  • Door series: Complanar frame and door leaf with 80 mm frame, 80 mm leaf
  • With 10 mm internal overlap or 86 mm door leaf. Con With 16 mm internal overlap “Linea Sagomata”
  • Air-water-wind tightness: double rabbet gasket
  • Aluminium aesthetic lines: Piana
  • Wood aesthetic lines: Piana
External Finishes
Internal Wood Coverings
Cross Section