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Skuro Sikuro is the shading system that protects small and large windows from sunlight and the elements. Thanks to its design, it combines safety, flexibility and aesthetics.

Choose any paint colour, including wood and metal effects, to achieve the most sophisticated aesthetic balance and to integrate Skuro Sikuro into the structure of the building.

The product elements, available in three different sizes of extruded aluminium, contain a material that provides insulation and soundproofing.

With Skuro Sikuro your rooms will be protected, safe and elegant.

The simple action of pushing to open and pulling to close, folds the Skuro Sikuro elements together without acting on the individual joints. Accordingly, the room can be completely closed or open.

Without any visible hinges, the product is particularly pleasing to the eye. And safety is enhanced by the internal hook-operated closing system which cannot be accessed from outside. Skuro Sikuro does not require any maintenance, thanks to its plastic accessories and retractable hinges.

The sliding system, which is particularly smooth, runs on plastic-protected ball bearings.