NC 50 I

Aluminium Casement Windows and Doors

The NC 50 I system is recommended for both industrial buildings as well as communal spaces that are not heated or cooled. NC 50 I ensures great durability, resistance to atmospheric agents and high acoustic insulation. The available lines (Piana, Sagomata, Raggiata) are able to give added value to countless architectural settings.

Technical Features:

  • Base dimensions: from 50 to 60 mm
  • Air-water Tightness: open joint(windows and casement doors)
  • Double Rabbet Gasket(entrance doors)
  • Glass Thickness: 4 mm to 42 mm
  • Aesthetic Lines: Piana, Sagomata, Raggiata
NC 50 I Aesthetic Lines
NC 50 I Opening Topologies
NC 50 I Performance