Casement Windows and Doors

The new aluminium casement window METRA NC 65 STH HES (High Energy Saving) is the result of an important research and development process that goes through a careful selection of high-tech materials and a particular attention to environmental sustainability.
NC 65 STH HES offers excellent performance of thermal and acoustic insulation and allows you to reach the higher classes burglary giving maximum comfort.
The reduction of energy consumption and the possibility of access to tax deductions result in a significant economic saving for the user. Thanks to the minium opening dimensions, the system NC 65 STH HES is particularly suitable for use in renovations of buildings and private homes.
The nearly unlimited availability of finishes makes the NC 65 STH HES series a product able to meet any technical and aesthetic requirement.

Technical Features:

  • Base dimension: Frame Depth = 65 mm, Sash Depth = 75 mm
  • Air-water tightness: open joint(windows and casement doors)
  • Glass thickness: from 4 mm to 58 mm
  • Asthetic lines: Piana, Sagomata, Linea Ferro
NC 65 STH HES Aesthetic Lines