Casement Windows and Doors

NC 65 STH is a very complete system due to the possibility of creating large-sized windows. Mechanical strength, resistance, sealing performance as well as thermal and acoustic insulation are all excellent. The system is also burglar-proof. From the vents that disappear completely until they are no longer visible from the outside, to the many opening solutions (tilt-and-turn, pivot, folding, etc..), up to the safety locks and the lowered thresholds that reduce architectural barriers, NC 65 STH is the ideal way to immerse your life in design and well-being.

Technical Features:

  • Base dimensions: from 65 to 85 mm
  • Air-water tightness: open joint(windows and casement doors)
  • double rabbet gasket(entrance doors)
  • Glass thickness: 4 mm to 58 mm
  • Aesthetic lines: Sagomata, Raggiata, Ferro, Scomparsa, Piana, Classica, Stondata
NC-65-STH Aesthetic Lines
NC-65-STH Opening Topologies
NC-65-STH Performance