Aluminium sliding windows and doors

NC-S 150 STH HES, the sliding system of the latest generation, designed for the realisation of big dimensioned glazed surfaces, able to give maximum brightness and transparency to your living.Two, three, four, up to six sliding sashes to go beyond any dimensional limits.
NC-S 150 STH HES offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, resulting in higher energy savings and improved comfort. It is exactly the energy saving ,the ”High Energy Saving”, the theme behind the development of the new system created through the use of innovative and eco-friendly materials that lead to better environmental sustainability.
The solution provides the possibility of adopting anti-trip tracks with lowered threshold to experience one’s own living in total tranquillity.
The wide range of available finishes makes the system NC-S 150 STH HES a versatile product, able to meet any technical and aesthetic requirements

NC-S 65 I Window System
NC-S 65 STH Example 2