Poliedra-Sky 60 CV

Curtain Walls

An all-glass curtain wall in a modern style incredibly light and particularly easy to assemble. Thermal break. Excellent sealing and thermal-acoustic insulation. Poliedra-Sky 60 CV integrates perfectly with the systems Metra Poliedra-Sky 50, 50 I, 50 S, 50 CV, 60, the casement and the shading systems.


  • Traditional façade (mullion and transoms curtain walls)
  • A 60 mm structure, externally visible
  • Tubular mullion: from 42 mm to 250 mm deep
  • External glass mechanically fixed
  • Glass dimension: from 28 mm to 38 mm
  • Seals: EPDM Dutral gaskets
  • Thermal break: insulating rigid spacer made of Tecno CMP
  • Original accessories
  • Finishing: anodized or painted
  • 6060-T5 aluminium alloy
  • Integration: with Poliedra-Sky 50,50I, 50S, 50CV, 60 systems, Casement and Sun Blade Systems


  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Can be used for different structures
  • Light supporting structure with easy assembly
  • External appearance ”all glass look”
Poliedra-Sky 60 CV