Urano Wall

Curtain Walls

Urano Wall

The Urano Wall ventilated curtain wall can be covered with aluminium panels, glazed modules and ceramic plates. The aesthetic aspect is always very distinctive thanks to the ‘chameleon’ ability of the Urano Wall system to change its skin according to the project. The system allows covering with modules made of photovoltaic panels, of all the types available on the market. Thickness can be up to 8 mm. The Urano Wall system protects the buildings and allows high levels of energy saving and thermal comfort to be achieved.


Urano Wall and Laminam Esterna put together their expertise, performances and aesthetical solutions. The options for transforming the building covering are endless and all have an original and innovative style. Laminam Esterna is the result of the Laminam research, the first manufacturer in the world of porcelain stoneware slabs.


  • Ventilated façade
  • Cladding: preformed aluminium panels, glazed modules and porcelain stoneware slabs
  • Structure made of aluminium mullions and mechanical supports
  • Original accessories
  • Finishing: anodized or painted
  • 6060-T5 aluminium alloy
  • Integration: with the Poliedra-Sky systems


  • Protection of the building from weather conditions
  • Energy saving and improved comfort in all seasons
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Natural ventilation with elimination of humidity
  • Innovative external look